Commercial Guardian Services


VPS Commercial Guardian Services provide a cost-effective way to secure your vacant commercial property from unauthorised entry, vandalism, asset stripping and squatters.

Vacant commercial properties are at significant risk from intruders and damage resulting in expensive restoration work. Burst pipes and pest infestation can also go unnoticed causing further disruption, delays and expense.

VPS can help remove these problems by introducing a Guardian to look after the property. Guardians can be put into void properties, providing a visual deterrent to intruders but also helping to ensure that the property is looked after, making it much easier and cheaper to bring it back into use.

VPS complete a thorough inspection of the property and carry out all necessary work to ensure it complies with HMO legislation before a Guardian is placed into the property. We will also install all welfare facilities, including kitchens and washing amenities, ensuring the whole process is taken care of, causing no disruption to you.

During periods before and after Guardian occupancy, a VPS SmartAlarm® can also be put in place for extra security to help detect intruders, flooding or fire.

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