Vacant property management ‘Super-Portal’

Vacant property management portal tablet & desktop

As vacant property management experts, we have an industry leading management portal, VPS Insights, which gives our customers phenomenal, real-time access to detailed information about their properties that VPS are looking after for them.

VPS Insights uses an easy-to-use, modern dashboard structure to present overview information and increasingly detailed data as you drill down.

It was designed and built by our own development team, in close consultation with the people who will use the system each day – our customers to offer the best on-line property management service in the market. The portal is exclusive to VPS customers.

VPS Insights vacant property management portal at a glance:

  • Unparalleled levels of transparency and accountability – easily track and monitor your vacant properties and VPS service delivery
  • Real-time data and status updates for every property VPS looks afterfor them, including legacy data and unprotected properties
  • Downloadable MI & reports, meter readings and individual job sheets enable property managers to present detailed performance data to their clients
  • Live risk assessment tool highlights increased localised crime levels and enables you to make better-informed decisions
  • Customisable for specific customer portfolios and service profiles
  • Works extremely well on tablets and can be easily accessed away from the office and out in the field
VPS Insights vacant property management portal

With VPS Insights, everything you need to know from inspections to actions required, maintenance to meter readings, from risks to readiness for re-letting is now at your fingertips.

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