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Protecting people, secure empty property and assets on a temporary or emergency basis.

VPS is a leading service provider for the protection of people, property and assets on a temporary or emergency basis.

We offer a complete range of property protection, management and security services for vacant property, remote sites and infrastructure projects and selectively into occupied property.  Core building services cover the complete vacant property and void property lifecycle from an initial risk assessment, to security, including guarding, monitoring, clearing, cleaning, maintenance and preparation. These services protect empty properties against unauthorised access and a variety of hazards such as arson, theft, squatting and unauthorised occupation.

Our extensive range of vacant property security and management services provide customers with the peace of mind that empty property is safe and secure, and most importantly, helping to retain its value and meeting insurance compliance requirements.

We use our vast experience in protecting people, property and assets to provide a comprehensive range of services for both void and occupied properties including grounds maintenance, pest control and commercial glazing and lock solutions.

Our Site Security solutions help ensure that land and remote sites are protected around the clock, theft and vandalism is avoided and health and safety requirements are met.

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