Case Studies

Using technology to help automate planning compliance for large construction projects

Persimmon Homes tasked VPS with simplifying supplier traffic compliance by installing a self powered, completely wireless ANPR system to monitor HGV traffic routes to site.

City Centre Regeneration Project deploys CCTV Security for community updates

Temporary CCTV monitoring through a VPS Smart Tower system not only protects a high profile construction site, but integrates time-lapse cameras to show site development.

A complex operation to protect Thomas Cook stores across the UK and Northern Ireland

The challenge: A high profile project requiring swift and co-ordinated response across hundreds of stores

Technological solutions can cut security costs by more than half and improve protection at the same time

The owners and the insurers of three former students halls of residences in Manchester were worried the temporarily vacant sites would be a target for metal thieves, vandals and squatters.

Clearing combustible materials and keeping the environment maintained helps protect an empty property

Client: Church of England, Diocese of Worcester with Ecclesiastical Insurance

Sometimes a full range of security options are required for best-fit protection of assets

A pan-European client saved tens of thousands of Euros when two of its industrial sites in Paris suburbs were protected by VPS and prevented several attempts by travellers to set up unauthorised camps

Securing a former Church saved tens of thousands of pounds and enabled a quicker resale

After sustaining several attacks, the baptist organisation that still owned a former church in Nottinghamshire, instructed VPS Security Services to conduct a security risk
assessment and make recommendations for protecting the site. VPS Security’s range of services and expertise gives clients access to the best ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions to protect and secure their properties, and make significant savings for repairing subsequent damage from trespassers or weather. In this instance, the owners saved on damage repair costs and were able to sell the property sooner.

Deterring criminal damage and squatters with live in Guardians

The former Metropolitan Police Station, situated on Ballards Lane in Finchley, sits on a site of 0.47 acres. With development plans submitted to create a 53-home residential scheme and provide much needed homes in the area, the property sat empty while awaiting planning permission.