Virtual Journey Time Solutions

This sys­tem is a first of its kind solu­tion to the issue of jour­ney times. The VPS Vir­tu­al Jour­ney Time Sys­tem is live, flex­i­ble and reac­tive and per­fect for inci­dent man­age­ment, events and large infra­struc­ture schemes.

VJTS also allows flex­i­bil­i­ty when com­pared to a hard­ware solu­tion using ANPR or Blue­tooth, and by using crowd sourced data, allow­ing the cre­ation and amend­ment of routes with an asso­ci­at­ed jour­ney time being imme­di­ate­ly available.

Key Ben­e­fits

  • Influ­ence dri­ver behav­iour by man­ag­ing, mon­i­tor­ing and eas­ing congestion
  • Help max­imise net­work resilience plan­ning and response
  • Improve high­way work­er and dri­ver safety
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Pro­vide a more sus­tain­able solution

More Vir­tu­al Applications

  • Full wire­less ITS inte­gra­tion through cloud software
  • Net­work queue detec­tion for dis­play & monitoring
  • Aver­age speed calculation
VJTS Dashboard