Inspections for Vacant Property

VPS Vacant Property Inspection Services combine people and technology to give traceable property inspection solutions you and your insurers can rely on.

We understand that not all of our customers need 24/7 on site security guards. Depending on your budget and your security requirements, VPS offer a number of options that combine quality of service with speed of response. Our inspections, patrols and care-taking services are designed to be flexible, whilst taking into account your insurance compliance requirements.

Tailor made solutions

For many clients carrying out inspections is a necessity for insurance compliance, therefore we can tailor the inspections questions to suit this requirement.

VPS tailor our void property inspections to meet your needs. For example, when we determine when we need to do the inspections and how often, we’ll take into account a number of criteria:

  • Insurance requirements,
  • Your requirements
  • The recommendations from our initial risk assessment
  • Our inspections are carried out by our SIA licensed (Security Industry Authority) inspectors, who attend site in fully liveried vehicles
VPS Vacant Property Inspection Services

Guarding a vacant property full time, may not be affordable or necessary. VPS provide market-leading empty property inspections services utilising the VPS Inspections IQ App. Read more about our IQ app below.

Mobile Patrols

The VPS Patrol service provides some of the benefits of a void property inspection but at a lower cost. It’s ideal for vacant properties that are at a lower risk. Our uniformed Patrol teams drive past the vacant property in liveried vehicles at regular intervals, assessing risks and identifying security breaches. However, for added peace of mind, they are also on call as needed.

Clients choosing this service take comfort in knowing their vacant property is regularly checked and that they also receive reports on a regular basis. For those looking for additional support, we also provide access visits and key-holding services.

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VPS Inspections IQ APP

Each inspection involves a comprehensive site review as specified by you. This can include inspections of the: site perimeter, external buildings, internal buildings and services. We will also carry out meter readings if you would like us to. The VPS Inspections Review Team then assess each inspection report and will immediately inform you of anything requiring attention.

The inspection teams regularly visit your premises to:

  • Check that protective measures are functioning
  • The building is in good order
  • Your property has not fallen victim to squatters or vandals

The VPS Inspections IQ App is our latest innovation to ensure our inspection service is both comprehensive and fully transparent. VPS Inspectors carry out their inspections using NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled devices to track exactly where the inspector has been within the site.

The installation of Geotags throughout the property provide proof of presence at specific points, such as meter boxes or items of particular value. Each inspection is time stamped, something many insurers request, and a full set of time stamped photos are also available. The VPS Inspector is unable to comlete an inspection without touching the device on each Geotag, which means corners can not be cut.

VPS Vacant Property Inspections

All visit reports are stored and viewable on the secure area of the VPS Navigator online portal so you can access it any time via a standard browser, and we will also send you an alert if we identify any incidents or issues.

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