Inspections for Vacant Property

VPS Vacant Prop­er­ty Inspec­tion Ser­vices com­bine peo­ple and tech­nol­o­gy to give trace­able prop­er­ty inspec­tion solu­tions you and your insur­ers can rely on.

We under­stand that not all of our cus­tomers need 247 on site secu­ri­ty guards. Depend­ing on your bud­get and your secu­ri­ty require­ments, VPS offer a num­ber of options that com­bine qual­i­ty of ser­vice with speed of response. Our inspec­tions, patrols and care-tak­ing ser­vices are designed to be flex­i­ble, whilst tak­ing into account your insur­ance com­pli­ance requirements.

Tai­lor made solutions

For many clients car­ry­ing out inspec­tions is a neces­si­ty for insur­ance com­pli­ance, there­fore we can tai­lor the inspec­tions ques­tions to suit this requirement.

VPS tai­lor our void prop­er­ty inspec­tions to meet your needs. For exam­ple, when we deter­mine when we need to do the inspec­tions and how often, we’ll take into account a num­ber of criteria: 

  • Insur­ance requirements, 
  • Your require­ments
  • The rec­om­men­da­tions from our ini­tial risk assessment
  • Our inspec­tions are car­ried out by our SIA licensed (Secu­ri­ty Indus­try Author­i­ty) inspec­tors, who attend site in ful­ly liv­er­ied vehicles
VPS Vacant Property Inspection Services

Guard­ing a vacant prop­er­ty full time, may not be afford­able or nec­es­sary. VPS pro­vide mar­ket-lead­ing emp­ty prop­er­ty inspec­tions ser­vices util­is­ing the VPS Inspec­tions IQ App. Read more about our IQ app below.

Mobile Patrols

The VPS Patrol ser­vice pro­vides some of the ben­e­fits of a void prop­er­ty inspec­tion but at a low­er cost. It’s ide­al for vacant prop­er­ties that are at a low­er risk. Our uni­formed Patrol teams dri­ve past the vacant prop­er­ty in liv­er­ied vehi­cles at reg­u­lar inter­vals, assess­ing risks and iden­ti­fy­ing secu­ri­ty breach­es. How­ev­er, for added peace of mind, they are also on call as needed.

Clients choos­ing this ser­vice take com­fort in know­ing their vacant prop­er­ty is reg­u­lar­ly checked and that they also receive reports on a reg­u­lar basis. For those look­ing for addi­tion­al sup­port, we also pro­vide access vis­its and key-hold­ing services.

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VPS Inspec­tions IQ APP 

Each inspec­tion involves a com­pre­hen­sive site review as spec­i­fied by you. This can include inspec­tions of the: site perime­ter, exter­nal build­ings, inter­nal build­ings and ser­vices. We will also car­ry out meter read­ings if you would like us to. The VPS Inspec­tions Review Team then assess each inspec­tion report and will imme­di­ate­ly inform you of any­thing requir­ing attention.

The inspec­tion teams reg­u­lar­ly vis­it your premis­es to:

  • Check that pro­tec­tive mea­sures are functioning
  • The build­ing is in good order
  • Your prop­er­ty has not fall­en vic­tim to squat­ters or vandals

The VPS Inspec­tions IQ App is our lat­est inno­va­tion to ensure our inspec­tion ser­vice is both com­pre­hen­sive and ful­ly trans­par­ent. VPS Inspec­tors car­ry out their inspec­tions using NFC (Near Field Com­mu­ni­ca­tion) enabled devices to track exact­ly where the inspec­tor has been with­in the site.

The instal­la­tion of Geo­t­ags through­out the prop­er­ty pro­vide proof of pres­ence at spe­cif­ic points, such as meter box­es or items of par­tic­u­lar val­ue. Each inspec­tion is time stamped, some­thing many insur­ers request, and a full set of time stamped pho­tos are also avail­able. The VPS Inspec­tor is unable to com­lete an inspec­tion with­out touch­ing the device on each Geo­t­ag, which means cor­ners can not be cut.

VPS Vacant Property Inspections

All vis­it reports are stored and view­able on the secure area of the VPS Nav­i­ga­tor online por­tal so you can access it any time via a stan­dard brows­er, and we will also send you an alert if we iden­ti­fy any inci­dents or issues.

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