Vacant Property Cleaning

If your prop­er­ty has been vacant for a length of time or has suf­fered from unwant­ed vis­i­tors you may require an expert clean­ing service.

Our clean­ing ser­vices extend to cov­er all ele­ments that could be required when a prop­er­ty becomes vacant. 

We can pro­vide the stan­dard and spe­cial­ist services:

  • Builders, sparkle and deep clean 
  • Car­pet cleaning
  • Kitchen and bath­room strip outs 
  • Nee­dle sweep and removal
  • Removal of clin­i­cal waste, includ­ing clean up after body removal/​crime scene clean up
  • Bio­fog­ging
  • Graf­fi­ti removal
Vacant Property Cleaning

The ben­e­fits of main­tain­ing and secur­ing your vacant property:

  • Well secured, pro­tect­ed and main­tained vacant prop­er­ties will be less dam­ag­ing to the local com­mu­ni­ty, attract less van­dal­ism, arson and theft, and be bet­ter pre­pared for re-occu­pan­cy or resale
  • Well main­tained and secure prop­er­ties pro­mote bet­ter neigh­bour­hoods and main­tain their values
  • Well main­tained and secure prop­er­ties are low­er insur­ance risk

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