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vacant property

A property that sits vacant for any period of time will be at risk of damage, and this damage can be extremely disruptive for an Estate Agent.

Anything from graffiti through to drug dens, storm damage to squatters, the longer a property remains empty, the more chance it has of falling into disrepair and becoming even more difficult to find new owners or tenants.

We provide a range of services from wireless, fully-monitored SmartAlarms through to bespoke property inspections, all with the aim of supporting estate agents’ specific requirements.

  • Protection of long-term vacant property, to optimise chances and improve turnaround speed for sale or rental.
  • Property Maintenance services, to mitigate cost and hassle of property damage, including drain downs, grounds maintenance, fly-tipping removal and prevention, graffiti removal, prevention of aggravated trespass and lock boxes to simplify contractor works or viewings.
  • Pre-tenancy and mid-tenancy inspections to deliver increased cost-efficiency and time savings, with photographs of the condition of properties, meter readings, and inventory lists, all available on our award-winning real-time customer web portal, VPS Insights.

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