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vacant property

A prop­er­ty that sits vacant for any peri­od of time will be at risk of dam­age, and this dam­age can be extreme­ly dis­rup­tive for an Estate Agent.

Any­thing from graf­fi­ti through to drug dens, storm dam­age to squat­ters, the longer a prop­er­ty remains emp­ty, the more chance it has of falling into dis­re­pair and becom­ing even more dif­fi­cult to find new own­ers or tenants.

We pro­vide a range of ser­vices from wire­less, ful­ly-mon­i­tored Smar­tA­larms through to bespoke prop­er­ty inspec­tions, all with the aim of sup­port­ing estate agents’ spe­cif­ic requirements. 

  • Pro­tec­tion of long-term vacant prop­er­ty, to opti­mise chances and improve turn­around speed for sale or rental.
  • Prop­er­ty Main­te­nance ser­vices, to mit­i­gate cost and has­sle of prop­er­ty dam­age, includ­ing drain downs, grounds main­te­nance, fly-tip­ping removal and pre­ven­tion, graf­fi­ti removal, pre­ven­tion of aggra­vat­ed tres­pass and lock box­es to sim­pli­fy con­trac­tor works or viewings.
  • Pre-ten­an­cy and mid-ten­an­cy inspec­tions to deliv­er increased cost-effi­cien­cy and time sav­ings, with pho­tographs of the con­di­tion of prop­er­ties, meter read­ings, and inven­to­ry lists, all avail­able on our award-win­ning real-time cus­tomer web por­tal, VPS Insights.

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