Leading the way in wireless, battery powered, video verification

VPS SmartEyes

Intro­duc­ing a mil­i­tary grade, ruggedi­zed secu­ri­ty solu­tion with inbuilt Arti­fi­cial Intelligence.

VPS SmartEyes enables sites to be mon­i­tored day and night with­out the need for pow­er, cables or wired communications.

The sen­sors them­selves can be mount­ed on to your prop­er­ty, or inde­pen­dent­ly on to a pole or a VPS Alert Tow­er with high vis­i­bil­i­ty cas­ing. The sys­tem can be armed and dis­armed using a secure mobile phone app and all relat­ed infor­ma­tion is avail­able at the touch of a but­ton via a detailed ana­lyt­ics dash­board on the cloud based system.

Acti­va­tions are ver­i­fied by the inbuilt AI and are rapid­ly relayed to our state of the art mon­i­tor­ing cen­tre for appro­pri­ate fol­low up.

Quick to install and easy to relo­cate the VPS SmartEyes sys­tem is the per­fect solu­tion for secur­ing any site.

Alert Tower with SmartEyes
SmartEyez: Detect - Analyse - React

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