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Proper­ty Guardianship Scheme Live In Guardians

Vacant properties can quickly attract the wrong attention, becoming a target for vandals, thieves and squatters. High scrap metal prices make metal theft an appealing option for thieves, a building stripped of copper piping and internal wiring will often result in thousands of pounds of damage.

Hiring security guards, installing cameras or getting reinforced steel bolted on to windows not only dramatically increase maintenance costs, but often highlight the fact that a property is empty.

This is where property guardianship schemes can be an effective and cost-effective solution to secure the vacant property.

What is a property guardianship scheme?

Property guardianship scheme offers security and protection for vacant properties whilst offering accommodation for working professional people across the UK. Property guardians take good care of buildings that would otherwise stand empty and ensure that during this time the property is secured and well maintained.

Property guardians hold a licence to live on-site at unoccupied premises until a property is ready to be back in use which might vary from 6 weeks to 24 months. However, unlike a tenancy agreement, you’ll have absolute access to your property at all times without notice, while 24 hours’ notice is required for 3rd party access.

Why use property guardians to protect you vacant property?

  • Active on-site guardian presence works as a cost effective way to secure a vacant property from unauthorised entry, vandalism and squatters 24/7.
  • Cheaper and safer alternative to boarding up windows or investing in expensive man guarding options.
  • Placing guardians into a commercial property can help mitigate empty property business rates, as well as make significant savings on insurance premiums.
  • Live-in guardians help dramatically reduce risk of damages caused by unexpected incidents such as burst water pipes, flooding because such issues can be quickly identified and reported.
Protect a vacant property with live-in guardians

Property guardianship with VPS Guardians

VPS Guardian Services provides a cost effective way to keep your vacant property safe, secure and maintained to a high standard throughout occupancy. Not only is having a property occupied a strong and visible deterrent, having it operational also significantly helps to reduce any maintenance concerns. Customers rely on VPS to reduce the true cost of managing these properties and minimise its effect on the surrounding community.

What to expect?


  • VPS complete a thorough inspection of the vacant property
  • With over 20 years’ experience and expertise, VPS are able to assess what the best solution is for the property


  • VPS carry out all work to ensure it complies with the necessary legislation
  • They install all welfare facilities to prepare guardian properties for occupation


  • Properties with live-in guardians provide an effective deterrent to unauthorised entry and damage
  • VPS ensure that property guardians are of the highest quality through an extensive vetting process
  • There are no management fees or hidden charges


  • VPS support clients with a 24-hour emergency service
  • We offer a dedicated account management team who are there to support you at every stage


  • VPS only require 4 weeks to rehouse the Guardians
  • There is a fully approved register of contractors available to cover your every requirement for the time between Guardian occupation and redevelopment


  • Guardian properties are maintained to a higher standard with Guardian occupation than if left void

To find out more about protecting a vacant property with VPS Guardians, please visit or contact us on 0330 005 5300.