SmartSensor HD Radar

SmartSensor HD is the only vehicle detector that provides extensive data including vehicle speeds, vehicle counts, average speed, 85th percentile speed and even vehicle occupancy. A side fired radar captures accurate data, and can consist of dual radars.

  • Non obtrusive side fired radar (positioned at the side of the road)
  • High Definition Radar (accurate capture of true data)
  • Digital Wave Radar (the only radar designed from the ground up for traffic applications)
  • Dual Radar (two radar beams are better than one. Twice as good)
  • True Coverage (why use multiple devices when one works better)

Key features

  • Detects up to 22 lanes of traffic
  • Reports the speed, length and classification of individual vehicles
  • Works over barriers, guardrails, medians and gores
  • Accurately detects lane-changing vehicles
  • Patented Digital Wave Radar II™ technology
  • Patented auto-configuration process
  • Features Flash upgradeable
  • Integrates with Wavetronix Click products
  • Requires no tweaking or tuning
  • All-weather, all-condition performance
  • No performance variance due to temperature
  • Flash memory protects data storage
  • Automated manufacturing process
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Remotely accessible for easy management