Vacant Property Security

It is esti­mat­ed that mil­lions of pounds worth of dam­age is done to emp­ty prop­er­ties through van­dal­ism and arson in the UK

When a prop­er­ty is vacant, it can become an easy tar­get for unau­tho­rised vis­i­tors such as van­dals and tres­passers, often result­ing in cost­ly repairs and much frus­tra­tion. By secur­ing a prop­er­ty util­is­ing sim­ple deter­rents such as steel secu­ri­ty and inno­v­a­tive tech­no­log­i­cal solu­tions, you can cost effec­tive­ly pro­tect, man­age and mon­i­tor your valu­able assets.

Why secure your vacant property?

  • Well secured, pro­tect­ed and main­tained vacant prop­er­ties will be less dam­ag­ing to the local com­mu­ni­ty, attract less van­dal­ism, arson and theft, and be bet­ter pre­pared for re-occu­pan­cy or resale.
  • Well main­tained and secure prop­er­ties pro­mote bet­ter neigh­bour­hoods and main­tain their value.
  • Well main­tained and secure prop­er­ties are low­er insur­ance risks.

VPS can save you sig­nif­i­cant costs from tra­di­tion­al safe­ty and secu­ri­ty mea­sures by deploy­ing the best mix of tech­no­log­i­cal solu­tions com­bined with expe­ri­enced cus­tomer-focussed teams.

We offer a ful­ly inte­grat­ed, cost effec­tive solu­tion for main­tain­ing the secu­ri­ty of both pub­lic sec­tor and res­i­den­tial port­fo­lios. Find out more about which sec­tors we work with.

Solu­tions to pro­tect, mon­i­tor and main­tain your assets

From the lat­est alarms to inno­v­a­tive steel prod­ucts or full-time guards, we offer world-class pro­tec­tion to keep vacant build­ings safe from tres­passers or van­dals. In addi­tion to our secu­ri­ty ser­vices we also under­take risk assess­ments, man­age ser­vices shut­down and clean­ing before a build­ing goes back on the market.

If you’re unsure which solu­tion is best for you, speak to one of our experts!