VPS Mould Prevention and Removal

Professional mould removal team

Studies have proven that mould spores within a property can lead to a number of health problems such as asthma and sinusitus, along with various other severe respiratory problems. These conditions can be particularly dangerous for vulnerable groups such as babies. children and elderly people.

The ill-effects of mould become significantly worse during the autumn and winter months, as the lack of heating and ventilation turns damp properties into giant grow bags. To protect tenants, local authorities and letting agents are now legally required to ensure their properties are damp and mould free.

VPS's professional service eradicates mould safely and also helps prevent it returning, protecting both the value of the property and the health of the tenants within it.

Don't ignore the problem

If not treated effectively, mould can become a dangerous and persistent problem. The issues that can arise include:

  • Court or legal action
  • Deterioration of tenants health
  • Reduced value of property
  • Building structure compromised
  • inability to utilise or rent the property
Mould Removal for Vacant Properties

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