When your property becomes vacant, we can take care of every detail

Vacant property security solutions for retail

We understand that a vacant retail property is a major cause for concern. We can help you make sure it is well secured, to reduce risk and minimise the potential for damage caused by uninvited visitors.

Vacant properties can often need further services such as drain downs and cleaning, in order to prepare them for refurbishment or new occupants.

At VPS, we can take care of every detail from preparing securing the vacant property to preparing it for the next occupant.

High street locations

Where a retail outlet is situated on the high street, it is important to retain the integrity of the zone. That’s why we will typically install alarm systems that work with pressure sensors to detect unapproved entry and can be combined with loudspeaker voice recordings. Where steel doors and security screens are required we can install VPS Decals to disguise the look of the steel and help the property blend in.

VPS can also undertake regular inspections to check on the property and report back on any findings.

security solutions for retail and shops

Out of town sites

Properties that are located out of town generally have more than one access point as well as a car park that also needs securing. In these instances, we can provide alarm and inspection solutions that protect the site and its perimeter. These include erecting hoardings and installing concrete barriers and steel screens where required, to prevent travellers from infiltrating the site and to act as an additional deterrent for potential thieves and vandals.

If you’re unsure which solu­tion is best for you, con­tact one of our VPS experts.

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