When your prop­er­ty becomes vacant, we can take care of every detail

Vacant property security solutions for retail

We under­stand that a vacant retail prop­er­ty is a major cause for con­cern. We can help you make sure it is well secured, to reduce risk and min­imise the poten­tial for dam­age caused by unin­vit­ed visitors.

Vacant prop­er­ties can often need fur­ther ser­vices such as drain downs and clean­ing, in order to pre­pare them for refur­bish­ment or new occupants.

At VPS, we can take care of every detail from prepar­ing secur­ing the vacant prop­er­ty to prepar­ing it for the next occupant.

High street locations

Where a retail out­let is sit­u­at­ed on the high street, it is impor­tant to retain the integri­ty of the zone. That’s why we will typ­i­cal­ly install alarm sys­tems that work with pres­sure sen­sors to detect unap­proved entry and can be com­bined with loud­speak­er voice record­ings. Where steel doors and secu­ri­ty screens are required we can install VPS Decals to dis­guise the look of the steel and help the prop­er­ty blend in.

VPS can also under­take reg­u­lar inspec­tions to check on the prop­er­ty and report back on any findings.

security solutions for retail and shops

Out of town sites

Prop­er­ties that are locat­ed out of town gen­er­al­ly have more than one access point as well as a car park that also needs secur­ing. In these instances, we can pro­vide alarm and inspec­tion solu­tions that pro­tect the site and its perime­ter. These include erect­ing hoard­ings and installing con­crete bar­ri­ers and steel screens where required, to pre­vent trav­ellers from infil­trat­ing the site and to act as an addi­tion­al deter­rent for poten­tial thieves and vandals.

If you’re unsure which solu­tion is best for you, con­tact one of our VPS experts.

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