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We provide a professional security solution that is both more effective and less expensive than on-site guards

Site Security Solutions For Highways

Securing plant, equipment and materials on large infrastructure and highways projects can be a real headache. Whilst sites will make use of locked storage compounds for the most valuable items, the nature of the work means that large, often remote areas will be unfenced with open access to intruders.

Security issues are compounded by the regular need to shift the focus of the project from one location to another. To date, the solution has been to employ guards but the large distances and economic considerations mean that serious risks remain. To address these concerns, VPS Site Security has developed a tailored solution for the infrastructure sector comprising the VPS Smart Tower®, a powerful, re-locatable CCTV system that includes long-distance thermal imaging, backed by a mobile, rapid response guarding service. The result is a professional security solution that is both more effective and less expensive than on-site guards.

VPS were appointed by Costain to monitor a 14km stretch of road in South Wales, the A465, more commonly known as the Heads of the Valley road as it joins together the northern ends (or ‘heads’) of the South Wales Valleys.

To meet the challenges, VPS Site Security planned an innovative network of 18 VPS Smart Towers® with 36 CCTV cameras installed along the 14km stretch of highway. Because of the remote and difficult terrains, they designed a wireless fluid mesh communications* system that provided unique, advanced connectivity for the towers to allow transmissions to a purpose-built, mobile monitoring station. Additional VPS mobile patrols supported and complimented the overall protection and monitoring service. This network provided a dynamic, flexible solution, enabling 24/7 monitoring, and gave the client multiple benefits for their construction project.

site security solutions for roads

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