CCTV for workzone and highway monitoring

Util­is­ing the lat­est CCTV tech­nol­o­gy mount­ed onto our range of secu­ri­ty tow­ers, this solu­tion pro­vides a ful­ly inte­grat­ed rapid­ly deploy­able solu­tion for mon­i­tor­ing highways. 

VPS work­zone and high­way mon­i­tor­ing solu­tion utilis­es the lat­est CCTV cam­eras mount­ed on our Smart Towers. 

  • Ful­ly inte­grat­ed, rapid­ly deploy­able solution. 
  • Quick­ly installed, repo­si­tioned or removed — ide­al for all long or short dura­tion high­way projects.
  • Uses wire­less 3G/4G or radio com­mu­ni­ca­tions, elim­i­nat­ing the use of net­work cabling.

Pow­ered direct­ly via the high­way feed­er pil­lars with back­up options including:

  • Solar recharge
  • Hybrid diesel
  • Solar bat­tery units

Util­is­ing our RVRC to mon­i­tor the live traf­fic feed deliv­ers a num­ber of oper­a­tional ben­e­fits
to the cus­tomer, including:

  • Facil­i­ty is approved to BS5979 with resilience across all our archi­tec­ture and infra­struc­ture, with no risk of outages
  • All oper­a­tors are ful­ly licenced for Pub­lic SpaceC­CTV and so is VPS as we hold SIA Approved Con­trac­tor Scheme (ACS) accreditation
  • Reduc­tion of car­bon foot­print on site with removal of ded­i­cat­ed cab­in and pow­er requirement
  • Oper­a­tors will be rotat­ed across var­i­ous desks every few hours to main­tain obser­va­tion levels