We make it our business to look after yours. We'll help you comply with your insurance requirements.

Our extensive experience in providing risk mitigating solutions and securing vacant properties means that VPS is a trusted resource within the Financial Services Sector. We regularly work with insurers, brokers, investment and commercial banks, insolvency practitioners, independent financial advisers and more.

We are the sole provider to one of the largest UK general insurers and a preferred supplier to a number of others, helping to ensure that their policyholders have the right cover in force and at the right price. Our solutions are provided direct or as part of the insurer’s brand.

Direct services

These days, vacant properties are highly vulnerable to theft and vandalism. As property managers do not always have the skills and expertise to identify and manage the additional threats to which their property may be exposed, we can help.

risk mitigating solutions

Policyholders referred to VPS receive a detailed risk assessment and proposed solution that meets all their insurance requirements and mitigates the risks identified.

Branded services

VPS also works in partnership with insurers and brokers to provide branded services that proactively mitigate the risks associated with a vacant property.

Providing a detailed risk management assessment and solution report assists with both risk rating and risk management strategies, which result in a better risk profile for the client, which in turn reduces premiums.