Drone Survey Services

Drone Site Survey

The use of drones provides quick, cost-effective, non-invasive solutions for surveying, inspections, or monitoring many different services or situations.

The VPS drone service provides an ideal solution for inspecting and surveying hard-to-access structures, land, infrastructure projects or road networks, removing the need for costly specialist access equipment.

VPS clients have also benefitted from the use of drones to monitor people safety during high risk evictions and provide detailed footfall analysis at public events.

  • Local Police notification before any inspection
  • Comprehensive pre-flight risk assessment
  • Fully governed by the CAA
  • Full liaison with air traffic control where necessary
  • Pedestrian restrictions imposed where necessary
  • High quality resolution allowing for easy zoom in
  • Data available within 24 hrs of flight
Drone Use Cases

Drone Service Options

Our drone services are broken down into four different price brackets. Each service includes cloud storage where footage can be viewed or downloaded within 24hours of the flight taking place

Complex 1
Complex 1
Residential Property or very small commercial
Complex 2
Complex 2
Small commercial, small block of flats or complex residential
Complex 3
Complex 3
Large Stately home/high net worth property, or larger commercial building in central towns and cities
Complex 4
Complex 4
Very large commercial (multiple buildings over large area of land)

We also offer fully bespoke services. If what you need isn’t listed, get in touch and we will be able to assist.

For more information on the services we offer, or to discuss your own particular requirements please contact us on

0330 005 5300