High Security steel screens deter unauthorised visitors

High Security Steel Screens

Our strong and hard wearing steel screens deliver a variety of benefits, acting as a visible and highly effective deterrent to thieves, intruders and squatters. They are installed using a unique system that allows them to be fitted quickly but does not damage the property.

They are fitted within the opening so sit flush with the property, leaving no openings or gaps for objects to be pushed through or for the screen to be forced off. Our steel screens are perforated so as to allow light and ventilation into the property, this means contractors can work inside the property as they have sufficient light, and damp and mould won't develop as there is air flow.

Custom Screens

Custom-made to fit unusual window styles or sizes, our custom steel can provide complete protection in many areas around your building, including meter boxes. Our custom steel is secured using VPS patented screws so prevents removal with a standard screwdriver.

Steel Screens For Vacant Property Security

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