High Security steel screens deter unauthorised visitors

High Security Steel Screens

Our strong and hard wear­ing steel screens deliv­er a vari­ety of ben­e­fits, act­ing as a vis­i­ble and high­ly effec­tive deter­rent to thieves, intrud­ers and squat­ters. They are installed using a unique sys­tem that allows them to be fit­ted quick­ly but does not dam­age the property.

They are fit­ted with­in the open­ing so sit flush with the prop­er­ty, leav­ing no open­ings or gaps for objects to be pushed through or for the screen to be forced off. Our steel screens are per­fo­rat­ed so as to allow light and ven­ti­la­tion into the prop­er­ty, this means con­trac­tors can work inside the prop­er­ty as they have suf­fi­cient light, and damp and mould won’t devel­op as there is air flow.

Cus­tom Screens

Cus­tom-made to fit unusu­al win­dow styles or sizes, our cus­tom steel can pro­vide com­plete pro­tec­tion in many areas around your build­ing, includ­ing meter box­es. Our cus­tom steel is secured using VPS patent­ed screws so pre­vents removal with a stan­dard screwdriver.

Steel Screens For Vacant Property Security

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