VPS Smart Tower – State-of-the-art rapid deployment temporary CCTV tower

VPS Smart Tower - Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower

As specialists in temporary and remote site security, we understand how important it is to deliver a cost-effective solution without compromising on protection. Our flagship product in the site security sector, VPS Smart Tower, delivers effective temporary CCTV monitoring and recording for construction sites and remote, challenging locations.

Taking site security to a different level

The VPS Smart Tower range incorporates all the components you’ll need to provide effective CCTV monitoring in a robust and rugged housing. A vandal-resistant pan-tilt-zoom camera is supplemented with infra-red and white light illuminators, a variety of movement detectors, a digital recorder and a public address system. Inbuilt audio speakers enable a 2-way remote challenge to occur between our monitoring station staff and intruders which is a very effective way in deterring theft.

The VPS Smart Tower can be stand-alone or connected to multiple CCTV towers to give full site protection. This robust mobile CCTV solution can be easily installed in any location, no matter how remote or challenging, and can be moved, added to or reduced in capacity according to the dynamics of a site.

Key benefits of the VPS Smart Tower:

  • Permanent 24/7 site security at any conditions
  • Extendable mast up to 7.5 m helps cover larger area
  • Smart monitoring and detection system prevents from false alarms
  • Incorporates a loudspeaker to address intruders
  • The bright yellow colour provides a highly-visible deterrent
  • Can detect multiple intrusions simultaneously
  • Can be powered by long lasting battery. No hassle with wires
  • Additional CCTV tower units can be easily connected to provide greater coverage
  • Perfect security solution for construction sites, highways & rail, utilities & electricity, pipelines, tunnels, infrastructure, events etc.
  • More effective and less expensive than traditional guards and equipment

Unlike a traditional guard, the VPS Smart Tower can:

  • Turn 360° whilst 9m in the air
  • See in the dark
  • Detect heat as well as light
  • Operate 24/7 without a break

Unbeatable Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower

The VPS Smart Tower is a truly rapid deployment CCTV tower, meaning it can be installed and fully-operational in just a matter of hours ensuring your sites are protected. This makes it the ideal solution for temporary, mobile or semi-permanent applications.

Rapid deployment CCTV Tower for site security

This innovative mobile CCTV tower is a comprehensive site security solution with a guaranteed system that delivers dramatic reductions in cost, time, emissions, and health and safety risks.The VPS Smart Tower has been shortlisted in the British Construction Industry (BCI) Awards for product innovation (2015).

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