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Vacant property security solutions for pubs

VPS have huge experience with a wide range of privately and publicly owned public houses and brewery sites. Over the years, we have supported breweries with a variety of solutions specifically designed for this sector; helping clients to better manage vacant sites, comply with insurance policies and assist with the transition of tenants.

Site security solutions for pubs and breweries

Transition of tenants

No matter how good your previous tenant may have been, most public houses need a clear and clean before the new tenants move in. At VPS, we offer a deep clean service to guarantee your new tenant moves into a property that’s ready to open its doors. We also offer drain down, shut down and full site clearance services.

Site maintenance

If a public house has been vacant for some time, it can easily become neglected. Not only can this attract unwanted visitors, such as squatters and vandals but it can also cause a decline, reducing the property’s desirability and value.

Garden maintenance and general property repairs are essential services that can help to ensure your vacant public house does not fall into disrepair. These benefit your property and the local community it serves.

Site maintenance


Keeping a vacant public house safe and secure is essential. How that’s best done will depend on the property’s location and how vulnerable it is to theft and vandalism.

Where the potential security breaches are low risk, VPS endeavours to secure the property with alarms and the minimal use of steel, to reduce any detrimental impact to the aesthetic nature of the building.

In addition, our public house and brewery customers also place high value on our 24-hour guard services that provide ongoing security, caretaking, maintenance and peace of mind.

If you’re unsure which solu­tion is best for you, con­tact one of our VPS experts.

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