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Vacant property security solutions for pubs

VPS have huge expe­ri­ence with a wide range of pri­vate­ly and pub­licly owned pub­lic hous­es and brew­ery sites. Over the years, we have sup­port­ed brew­eries with a vari­ety of solu­tions specif­i­cal­ly designed for this sec­tor; help­ing clients to bet­ter man­age vacant sites, com­ply with insur­ance poli­cies and assist with the tran­si­tion of tenants.

Site security solutions for pubs and breweries

Tran­si­tion of tenants

No mat­ter how good your pre­vi­ous ten­ant may have been, most pub­lic hous­es need a clear and clean before the new ten­ants move in. At VPS, we offer a deep clean ser­vice to guar­an­tee your new ten­ant moves into a prop­er­ty that’s ready to open its doors. We also offer drain down, shut down and full site clear­ance ser­vices.

Site main­te­nance

If a pub­lic house has been vacant for some time, it can eas­i­ly become neglect­ed. Not only can this attract unwant­ed vis­i­tors, such as squat­ters and van­dals but it can also cause a decline, reduc­ing the property’s desir­abil­i­ty and value.

Gar­den main­te­nance and gen­er­al prop­er­ty repairs are essen­tial ser­vices that can help to ensure your vacant pub­lic house does not fall into dis­re­pair. These ben­e­fit your prop­er­ty and the local com­mu­ni­ty it serves.

Site maintenance


Keep­ing a vacant pub­lic house safe and secure is essen­tial. How that’s best done will depend on the property’s loca­tion and how vul­ner­a­ble it is to theft and vandalism.

Where the poten­tial secu­ri­ty breach­es are low risk, VPS endeav­ours to secure the prop­er­ty with alarms and the min­i­mal use of steel, to reduce any detri­men­tal impact to the aes­thet­ic nature of the building.

In addi­tion, our pub­lic house and brew­ery cus­tomers also place high val­ue on our 24-hour guard ser­vices that pro­vide ongo­ing secu­ri­ty, care­tak­ing, main­te­nance and peace of mind.

If you’re unsure which solu­tion is best for you, con­tact one of our VPS experts.

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