VPS SmartDoor - Bluetooth-enabled Steel Security Door

Vps Smartdoor Keyless Vacant Property Doors

VPS Smart­Door, our lat­est inno­va­tion, is a pur­pose-built high secu­ri­ty key­less steel door with an indus­try lead­ing Blue­tooth Smart­Lock let­ting you con­trol the access to your prop­er­ty from your mobile device or via a code.

VPS Smart­Door has in-built three point lock­ing and heavy duty hinges to ensure max­i­mum pro­tec­tion of your prop­er­ty from van­dals or tres­passers when it’s emp­ty while allow­ing legit­i­mate vis­i­tors easy access when­ev­er need­ed. Hinges and locks are clev­er­ly locat­ed and total­ly con­cealed to ensure the door is free of weak points and tough enough to with­stand the harsh­est environments. 

Max­i­mum pro­tec­tion with VPS SmartDoor:

  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Re-designed twist-lock mechanism
    • Easy for users to open the door
  • Elec­tron­ic access man­age­ment information
    • Ease of access at all times
    • No cost­ly on-site access visits
    • No require­ment for keysafe or a key hold­ing” service
    • Longlife bat­tery pow­er. No wires, no hassle
  • Time con­trolled user codes
    • See exact­ly when the door was opened and by whom
Unlocking The Vps Smartdoor With A Mobile Phone

VPS Smart­Door allows you access when you need it!

The in-built blue­tooth-enabled VPS Smart­Door allows for intu­itive unlock­ing using a cus­tom-built Android or Apple app. Any approved per­son with a smart­phone can obtain access when required and if a smart­phone is not avail­able, then a 6‑digit code can be pro­vid­ed and man­u­al­ly entered into the SmartDoor’s key­pad. This elim­i­nates the need for accom­pa­nied access vis­its, as there is no need to meet any­one to col­lect keys or pro­vide access.

The Smart­Door doesn’t rely on keys or pow­er – once the app and the e‑key are down­loaded, no mobile phone sig­nal is required to open the door. This adds a lot of con­ve­nience when access­ing remote buildings.

More­over, unlock­ing the Smart­Door to the prop­er­ty or site not only trig­gers a logged activ­i­ty on who and when accessed/​left the prop­er­ty but also switch­es off any VPS Smar­tA­larms in the property.

Advanced secu­ri­ty with key­less VPS SmartLock:

  • Blue­tooth enabled
  • Sim­ple Android/​Apple app
  • Remote­ly man­age and con­trol access
  • Up to 2000 in-built event logs
  • Option­al alarm sys­tem integration
    • Set/​unset the alarm when the door is locked or unlocked
    • No need for alarm keys or codes
    • Mul­ti-point lock­ing mechanism
    • Advanced man­age­ment information
Installing Vps Smartdoor With Vps Decal Options

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