VPS SmartDoor - Bluetooth-enabled Steel Security Door

Vps Smartdoor Keyless Vacant Property Doors

VPS SmartDoor, our latest innovation, is a purpose-built high security keyless steel door with an industry leading Bluetooth SmartLock letting you control the access to your property from your mobile device or via a code.

VPS SmartDoor has in-built three point locking and heavy duty hinges to ensure maximum protection of your property from vandals or trespassers when it’s empty while allowing legitimate visitors easy access whenever needed. Hinges and locks are cleverly located and totally concealed to ensure the door is free of weak points and tough enough to withstand the harshest environments.

Maximum protection with VPS SmartDoor:

  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Re-designed twist-lock mechanism
    • Easy for users to open the door
  • Electronic access management information
    • Ease of access at all times
    • No costly on-site access visits
    • No requirement for keysafe or a “key holding” service
    • Longlife battery power. No wires, no hassle
  • Time controlled user codes
    • See exactly when the door was opened and by whom
Unlocking The Vps Smartdoor With A Mobile Phone

VPS SmartDoor allows you access when you need it!

The in-built bluetooth-enabled VPS SmartDoor allows for intuitive unlocking using a custom-built Android or Apple app. Any approved person with a smartphone can obtain access when required and if a smartphone is not available, then a 6-digit code can be provided and manually entered into the SmartDoor’s keypad. This eliminates the need for accompanied access visits, as there is no need to meet anyone to collect keys or provide access.

The SmartDoor doesn’t rely on keys or power – once the app and the e-key are downloaded, no mobile phone signal is required to open the door. This adds a lot of convenience when accessing remote buildings.

Moreover, unlocking the SmartDoor to the property or site not only triggers a logged activity on who and when accessed/left the property but also switches off any VPS SmartAlarms in the property.

Advanced security with keyless VPS SmartLock:

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Simple Android/Apple app
  • Remotely manage and control access
  • Up to 2000 in-built event logs
  • Optional alarm system integration
    • Set/unset the alarm when the door is locked or unlocked
    • No need for alarm keys or codes
    • Multi-point locking mechanism
    • Advanced management information
Installing Vps Smartdoor With Vps Decal Options

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