Become a Guardian

VPS are the global leaders in providing solutions to help protect and maintain the value of unoccupied property.

If you are a working professional looking for affordable accommodation across the UK then look no further. We are seeking responsible and flexible adults to live one of our many vacant properties.

How do we select property guardians?

We help ensure the quality of our property Guardians by offering a professional service, and being selective with the properties we place Guardians in, brings in a higher calibre of Guardian.

We pride ourselves on our industry-leading vetting and selection process, ensuring the superiority of the individuals living in your property.

To qualify to become a VPS Guardian, candidates must have:

  • DBS (formerly CRB) check
  • 2 years of references
  • Credit and employment history check
  • Employment status checks: our Guardians must be employed and earning a salary in excess of £16,000 per annum
  • Additionally, we interview all candidates, to gauge character

In return, we offer a superior level of service to our Guardians, providing a comfortable living environment and at least one month’s notice period when the time comes to vacate the property. In addition, upon exit, we will endeavour to rehouse Guardians so they do not need to look elsewhere. Retaining Guardians for many years helps us to build our Guardian portfolio through positive word-of-mouth.

Please visit our Guardians website to register your interest and search for available properties.