Mobile VMS Variable Message LED Road Signs

Our range of Vari­able Mes­sage Signs (VMS) com­ple­ment our suite of intel­li­gent traf­fic solu­tions. Addi­tion­al­ly they can be used to sim­ply and eas­i­ly dis­play a message.

VPS Mobile VMS and LED Road Signs

HDC 3260 Com­pact — pro­vid­ing safer and clear­er tri-colour messages. 

Whilst this com­pact mobile vms vari­able mes­sag­ing sign is com­pact in size its high den­si­ty LED screen has 40% more pix­els than most oth­er LED road sign prod­ucts on the mar­ket today.

Key fea­tures:

  • Lead­ing Tri-colour LED display
  • More infor­ma­tion on one screen
  • Clear, accu­rate TRS­GD mes­sages & pictograms
  • Inte­gra­tion and inter­face with oth­er inno­v­a­tive Intel­li­gent Traf­fic Solutions
  • Prod­ucts pro­vid­ing real time data and information
  • Ful­ly com­plies to cur­rent standards
  • TAL 0115 and EN 12966
  • Full wire­less Intel­li­gent Traf­fic Solu­tions inte­gra­tion through cloud software
  • ANPR vehi­cle nation­al­i­ty detec­tion triggers
  • Mul­ti­lin­gual warn­ing messages

Advan­tage 4280 – High impact information

Pre-pro­grammed with up to 200 high­ways approved mes­sages the easy to manœu­vre 4280 ca be used for a vari­ety of uses, includ­ing major events, high­way clo­sures and util­i­ty works. Con­trolled from your PC or smart­phone it is capa­ble of dis­play­ing the high­est leg­i­bil­i­ty in mes­sages and graph­ics 42 pix­els high and 80 pix­els wide.

Key fea­tures:

  • UK High­ways EN129661 2005 LED compliant
  • HA approved fonts & char­ac­ters up to 400mm
  • Remote oper­at­ed flash­ing beacons
  • Ultra bright traf­fic angle LEDs
  • Option­al GPS tracking
  • Hydraulic mast no road­side man­u­al handling
  • Dis­plays 1 to 5 lines of up to 16 characters
  • Full wire­less ITS inte­gra­tion through cloud software
  • ANPR vehi­cle nation­al­i­ty detec­tion trig­gers for­eign lan­guage warn­ing messages