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Trusted to help you protect and manage vacant properties in administration or receivership.

Insurance Protector Group

VPS provide a host of solutions to protect and manage vacant properties that are in administration or receivership. That’s why some of the world’s largest companies are among our clients.

The VPS range of accredited services is recognised by the major insurers.We’ll undertake a full security risk assessment and highlight the areas that require attention, to ensure that you fully comply with your insurers’ code of practice.

We offer an efficient and swift response as customers often need incredibly fast turnaround times, such as having locks changed and properties secured within 24 hours.

We understand that our professional clients require tailor-made solutions and that’s why we offer a range of services; from drain down services, to combustible waste clearance and fencing. This makes it a one-stop, first-class service without the need for multiple suppliers.

Our customised pricing also allows you to comply with security or insurance requirements and keep costs to a minimum.

VPS can help you maintain your property’s value, by keeping it:

  • InsolvencySafe from vandalism and squatters
  • Secure from theft and trespassers
  • Undamaged by vandals, thieves, water and fire
  • Presentable and in working order, ready for reoccupancy

When City Link went into administration on Christmas Eve VPS were appointed by the administrators (E&Y) to provide a number of immediate solutions to ensure the security of the sites. With 51 depots storing over 3,0000 undelivered parcels there were additional sensitivities around ensuring access for redelivery.

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