VPS FireAlert Wes+ - temporary fire alarm systems for construction sites

VPS FireAlert Wes+  Wireless Fire Alarm System

VPS FireAl­ert Wes+product range is an inno­v­a­tive con­struc­tion site fire safe­ty sys­tem to pro­tect per­son­nel, mate­ri­als and build­ings on con­struc­tion sites. All Wes+ prod­ucts were specif­i­cal­ly engi­neered to deliv­er the high­est stan­dards of leg­isla­tive com­pli­ance while meet­ing the unique fire safe­ty chal­lenges of con­struc­tion sites.

The aim of VPS FireAl­ert Wes+ wire­less fire alarm sys­tem is to give the work­force the ear­li­est pos­si­ble warn­ing of fire, allow­ing the max­i­mum time to escape and call the fire and emer­gency ser­vices if required. As a result, this ear­ly fire alert can reduce the risk of injury, pro­vide more time to restrain fire spread and min­imise dam­age and finan­cial loss.

Key fea­tures of the VPS FireAl­ert Wes+ wire­less fire alarm system:

  • Quick and easy set­up – it takes just a few min­utes for units to be on active duty
  • Flex­i­ble, prac­ti­cal and reli­able — the sys­tem can eas­i­ly be adjust­ed as con­struc­tion progresses
  • Real-time sys­tem mon­i­tor­ing — each unit mon­i­tors itself (bat­tery, sig­nal, etc.)
  • When a VPS FireAl­ert Wes+ unit is trig­gered, the entire zone will be alert­ed min­imis­ing the risk of mate­r­i­al dam­age and injury to personnel
  • Wes+ wire­less fire alarm sys­tem units can be reused on future projects
  • Cost-effec­tive — there’s no wiring, so no need for spe­cial­ist installation
  • 3+ years bat­tery life; reduc­ing life­time costs and need for con­stant replacement
  • Unlim­it­ed num­ber of Wes+units can be con­nect­ed on one site
  • VPS FireAl­ert Wes+ app allows the fire safe­ty offi­cer to check the sta­tus of the net­work at any time

Deploy­ing the VPS FireAl­ert WES+ devices on a con­struc­tion site:

  • VPS FireAl­ert Wes+ devices can be deployed as soon as the cab­ins are on acon­struc­tion site and the build is out of the ground.
  • Fire Points are placed accord­ing to your fire plan
    • Nor­mal­ly at every stair­well or lift shaft – and can be added as the build progresses.
    • Heat, smoke or dust-proof smoke detec­tors pro­vide active fire pro­tec­tion in enclosed areas and in tem­po­rary accom­mo­da­tion units.
  • All your VPS FireAl­ert Wes+ sys­tem devices are con­nect­ed into a net­work. In the wake of fire, any unit can trig­ger a site wide alarm, whether active­ly in the case of the detec­tion units or man­u­al­ly via the Fire Points.
  • The Base Sta­tion will inform you where the trig­ger­ing unit is so you can pin­point the fire. You can also set up text alerts to help you pro­vide an imme­di­ate response. If you have the VPS FireAl­ert Wes+ app, you can also export reports of your silent test results and any acti­va­tions for full report­ing and tracking.
  • Once the con­struc­tion project is com­plete, you can eas­i­ly re-use your VPS FireAl­ert Wes+ units on your next project.

The VPS FireAl­ert Wes+ sys­tem ful­ly approved and exter­nal­ly cer­ti­fied to meet the legal require­ments and rec­om­men­da­tions of insurers.

wireless construction site fire safety system

WES+ con­struc­tion site fire safe­ty sys­tems meet vital fire safe­ty legislation:

  • EN54 and the Con­struc­tion Prod­ucts Regulation
  • HSE Fire Reg­u­la­tions for Con­struc­tion sites (HSG168)
  • Euro­pean Stan­dards cov­er­ing the use of Radio tech­nol­o­gy in emer­gency equip­ment (ETSI 3002201)
  • Fire Pro­tec­tion Asso­ci­a­tion Joint Code of Practice
  • Struc­tur­al Tim­ber Asso­ci­a­tion Guidelines
  • BS5839WES+ can be installed to BS5839, enabling use in tem­po­rary accom­mo­da­tion units

WES+ con­struc­tion site fire safe­ty sys­tems are fit­ted with Cat­e­go­ry 1 wire­less receivers, which are the high­est lev­el, most reli­able wire­less receivers on the mar­ket – they’re specif­i­cal­ly rec­om­mend­ed for use in sys­tems pro­tect­ing human life.

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