As the illegal rave season begins, reports highlight the hidden costs of their aftermath

Bank Hol­i­days & Sum­mer see a rise in a host of activ­i­ties from pick­ing straw­ber­ries to build­ing sand­cas­tles – but for farm­ers, landown­ers & prop­er­ty man­agers with rur­al sites or large, urban, vacant prop­er­ties, it is also the start of the sea­son for ille­gal raves. 

The prop­er­ty pro­tec­tion spe­cial­ists, VPS Secu­ri­ty Ser­vices, report that unli­censed music events have steadi­ly been increas­ing, with a rise last year of 9%, and recent news from the Bank Hol­i­day and East­er week­ends cit­ed sev­er­al exam­ples to illus­trate that trend: 

  • 1500 peo­ple attend­ing an all-night rave on Dorset farm­land, where the farmer describes his fields as a write-off’ that can’t be used for graz­ing as it is strewn with rub­bish, bro­ken beer bot­tles, drugs para­pher­na­lia, emp­ty nitrous oxide can­is­ters, & human excrement.
  • For­est man­agers crit­i­cized the impact on local wildlife at an ille­gal music event on Hal­don Hill, where Forestry Eng­land, which man­ages 3,500 acres of wood­land south of Exeter, says the dis­tur­bance could dam­age the frag­ile ecosystem.
  • Over the bank hol­i­day week­end, police patrolled 23 poten­tial sites across South Wales in Car­marthen­shire, Ceredi­gion, Pem­brokeshire and Powys

One land man­ag­er said: Our forests & coun­try­side should be avail­able for every­one to enjoy but ille­gal raves can dam­age the envi­ron­ment, impact on wildlife & leave it in a dan­ger­ous state for oth­er peo­ple. These events cause mis­ery for vis­i­tors & local communities.” 

For a com­par­a­tive­ly small invest­ment in an alarm sys­tem or CCTV, land and prop­er­ties even in remote sites can be pro­tect­ed and ulti­mate­ly save £100,000’s in repairs & clean-up costs. 

A case study of one such exam­ple where huge sav­ings were made by being fore­armed can be read on the VPS web­site here https://​bit​.ly/​2​V​P5cvt

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Notes: exam­ple raves report­ed in the press in April and May 2019

Ille­gal rave on Dorset farm‑1 – 500-people_51849.html

Ille­gal rave in Devon: https://​www​.devon​live​.com/​n​e​w​s​/​f​o​r​e​s​t​-​r​a​n​g​e​r​s​-​s​l​a​m​-​h​a​l​d​o​n​-​h​i​l​l​-​2749759

Ille­gal Rave in Norfolk:‑1 – 5957528

Three raves bro­ken up in Wales: 


Rave aftermath
Indoor Rave aftermath