Best Use of Guarding During Winter Shut Down

VPS Manned Guarding

At VPS we will always try to use a tech­nol­o­gy based secu­ri­ty solu­tion, but in some cas­es this nei­ther pos­si­ble or recommended.

Some of these would be if:

  • The shut down of the site is only very tem­po­rary, mean­ing installing our alarm sys­tem or CCTV Smart­Tow­er would not be necessary. 
  • An instant secu­ri­ty threat to a site has been iden­ti­fied such as a unau­tho­rised encamp­ment being evict­ed in the imme­di­ate area. This would need a secu­ri­ty solu­tion installed with­in the hour which one of our dog units can provide.
  • If some human inter­ac­tion is need­ed on site. Such as man­ning a gate house that would be receiv­ing, for exam­ple, con­struc­tion mate­ri­als for work to re-begin.

Our manned guard­ing ser­vice can be deployed in all of these cas­es to keep your site secure. 

VPS Manned Guarding

We spoke to our Head of Guard­ing, José Rosa to give us some help­ful tips and advice for when is best to use manned guard­ing. Help­ing keep you sites secure dur­ing the win­ter period.

What type of activ­i­ty do we see a increase of dur­ing the win­ter period?

Dur­ing the win­ter months we start to see an increase in unau­tho­rised activ­i­ty. Oppor­tunist take advan­tage of the dark­er nights and vacant prop­er­ties are often con­sid­ered an easy target.

We start to see a range of activ­i­ty increase from:

  • Bur­glary
  • Squatting/​Unauthorised encampments
  • Cop­per theft
  • Van­dal­ism
  • Youth activ­i­ty
  • Ille­gal Music Gatherings”

What type of guard would you rec­om­mend in these instances and why?

An effec­tive short-term solu­tion against bur­glary, cop­per theft, van­dal­ism and youth activ­i­ty in my expe­ri­ence is our manned guard­ing ser­vices. With ille­gal music gath­er­ings and squatting/​unauthorised encamp­ments it has to be stepped up a lev­el with dog units being deployed.

Our guards act as clear visu­al deter­rent and high­ly alert to any activ­i­ty. To which from expe­ri­ence is a suc­cess­ful tool to pre­vent any intru­sion. We have proven capa­bil­i­ty in pre­vent­ing unau­tho­rised encamp­ments, squat­ting and ille­gal music events which is on the rise dur­ing Decem­ber and the New Year.”

How is best to iden­ti­fy what sites need increased protection?

One of the eas­i­est ways to iden­ti­fy sites is using the VPS T‑Track ini­tia­tive. Using our exten­sive resource we are able to iden­ti­fy secu­ri­ty threats at a local lev­el and which of our cus­tomers have prop­er­ties in that areas which are vul­ner­a­ble. We can then ensure we take extra steps to mit­i­gate risk and sup­port our cus­tomers with our reac­tive ser­vices, We have had a num­ber of instances where we have had a whole team of han­dlers to site with in the hour.

Any oth­er areas in which VPS can assist?

As the days get cold­er we also see an increase in require­ment to sup­port hol­i­day and sick­ness cov­er. We pro­vide a wide range of manned secu­ri­ty sup­port ser­vices on an urgent basis to any­where in the UK:

  • Sta­t­ic Guarding
  • Guards in Vehicles
  • Dog Han­dlers
  • Door Super­vi­sors”

If you would like more infor­ma­tion or a quote for our manned guard­ing ser­vices please use the form below. The full guard­ing brochure can also be found at the below link.

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