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Welcome to VPS, the vacant property specialists

  • Assess

    VPS offer a free risk assessment to help decide what you need to do.

  • Clear

    We have a range of services to help you clear voids and vacant property.

  • Secure

    VPS can secure your vacant property usually within hours of your request.

  • Monitor & Guard

    We have a range of security solutions to monitor and guard your property.

  • Maintain

    VPS can keep your property clean, clear and safe. Our regular Inspection Services ensure this remains the case.

  • Prepare

    VPS can help prepare your property for reoccupation so that you can reoccupy or sell as soon as possible.

VPS are the trusted specialists in securing, maintaining and managing vacant properties across a wide range of customer and industry sectors the world over. 

We are the global leader in securing, maintaining and managing vacant properties.  VPS prides itself on serving our customers quickly and efficiently, and as soon a property becomes unoccupied.  Our extensive range of innovative solutions provide customers with the peace of mind that vacant property is safe and secure, and most importantly, retaining its value.  Our proven expertise is relied on by our customers to reduce the true cost of vacancy and minimize the potential effects of vacancy in surrounding communities.

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