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Let us help you protect your site quickly, for as long as you need.

Whether you are involved in a brand new construction or a refurbishment, VPS offer a range of services to keep construction sites safe from onsite theft and vandalism. Our cost-effective solutions give VPS customers peace of mind, allowing them to concentrate on their area of expertise.

Utilising the latest technology, we can monitor and alarm your site to deter unwelcome visitors.

JCB Smart Tower CCTV®

The JCB Smart Tower ® range incorporates all the components you’ll need to provide effective CCTV monitoring and recording in a robust and rugged housing. A vandal-proof pan-tilt-zoom camera is supplemented with infra-red illuminators, a variety of movement detectors, a digital recorder and a public address system.

Monitored wireless CCTV, backed up by live audio challenges, is proven to help prevent crime and improve your sites risk profile. There are many suppliers of CCTV security, however, very few have an offering specifically designed for temporary installations such as construction sites. JCB Smart Tower® is a rapid deployment CCTV solution that's unique to the market as it offers a quality service that is both more effective and less expenive than traditional guards and equipment.

JCB Smart Tower® is a comprehensive security solution with guaranteed system integrity to protect remote and challenging sites from start to completion. Additionally they provide a safety check reminder for workers to ensure they are not neglecting the site rules, and putting themselves or their colleagues at risk. 


VPS SmartAlarm

  • Our sensors will provide instant detection and reporting on a range of incidents, including intruders, flooding and fire.
  • Our alarms use wireless technology, which means they are entirely stand-alone with a long-life battery and on-board tamper detection.
  • They can also include loudspeaker voice messages and a 120 decibel siren.

For sites that require additional protection, we can also provide manned security, which can be delivered via 24 hour or part time guarding, monitoring and caretaking options.

All of our solutions can be deployed rapidly and maintained for as long as your development requires the protection.

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