Using technology to help automate planning compliance for large construction projects

Maintaining planning compliance on large construction projects using multiple suppliers can be a difficult task. On their Rothwell site, Persimmon Homes tasked VPS with simplifying this process by installing a self powered, completely wireless ANPR system to monitor HGV traffic compliance.

The Task

  • Design and install system to help simplify the process of maintaining supplier traffic compliance
  • System's power and connectivity must be completely self contained so as to not cause disruption to build or general public
  • Automatically produce weekly PDF reports, highlighting which vehicles had breached the planning conditions, by not adhering to the correct route

The Solution

Two VPS Smart Towers were deployed to site, each fitted with two high definition automatic number plate recognition cameras linked to our in house Monitoring Station via 4G and powered by a stand alone fuel cell.

One tower was placed on the highway, with permission from the local authority, to monitor traffic at the start of the permitted route. The second tower was then placed at the site entrance. This allows us to detect and record the license plates approaching the site and those entering the site from a non-permitted route. All vehicles not adhering to the correct route would be identified and added the weekly report.

A bespoke reporting suite was created and fully automated providing Persimmon and the local authorties that the necessary evidence planning requirements were being adhered to, whilst also highlighting suppliers who were not following the appropriate route to site.

The weekly automated report allows Persimmon to easily highlight individual suppliers who have not followed the correct route to site. Suppliers can then be educated on the importance of adhering to the correct route, so as to not breach the planning conditions on their next visits.

”The use of ANPR technology has proven to be incredibly useful, not just in enforcing the correct construction traffic route, but also in documenting our performance and reporting to stakeholder.“

Paul Stones, Technical Director, Persimmon Homes