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  • “We and our insurers are very happy with the security measures VPS put in place to secure Hickleton Hall and its grounds. We believe that their work has significantly reduced the likelihood of any theft or vandalism.”

    Sue Ryder
    Property Manager

VPS SmartLockBox - Bluetooth enabled high security key storage box

VPS SmartLockBox - Securely store keys and remotely share access

VPS SmartLockBox is the first commercial Bluetooth electronic key storage device featuring Level 2 police accreditation.

Rated to LPS 1175 Security level 2 and police accredited, this wall-mounted key storage box is designed to store keys and building access cards and fobs securely. VPS SmartLockBox gives you a complete control to provide access to a property for only authorised users simply through your smartphone without the need for a key handover.

Securely store property keys and remotely share access

The patented technology of the VPS SmartLockBox utilises an easy to use smartphone app*, allowing access for only authorised users and removing the code management security issue of mechanical key safes. A code for an authorised user will work on any VPS SmartLockBox that they have been given permission to access.

One-time access codes can also be generated for single or emergency access to a VPS SmartLockBox, providing superior flexibility and access whenever it is needed.

Dedicated VPS SmartLockBox web-based management portal enables users to easily set up new accesses, see who has visited and left the property and receive text notifications when the key storage box has been accessed.

Key features of the VPS SmartLockBox key storage box:

Open VPS Smart LockBox key storage box
  • Level 2 Police Accreditation – more secure than your front door
  • Bluetooth and PIN code access for complete security
  • Fully traceable in-App control from a smartphone
  • Enables to track access through text notifications
  • Dedicated VPS SmartLockBox web-based Management Portal
  • GEO-Fencing enables recording of time accessed and attendance
  • Lone-Worker Protection for individual employee safety
  • Large key storage compartment for keys, fobs and cards
  • Easy to fit and install securely with 3 years’ battery life
  • Made of a heavy-duty steel, which can protect the box from hammering, sawing or prying; Weather resistant
  • Ideal for remote sites, contractor, facilities management or care worker visits

How does the VPS SmartLockBox work?

  1. Each service provider uses the app on their smart phone to enter their unique PIN code (similar to a bank card PIN).
  2. As long as they have been authorised to open the lockbox and the PIN is correct, it will allow them to access the key from the VPS SmartLockBox, providing an additional layer of security for both the client and service provider.
  3. The details of the visitor are logged on the VPS SmartLockBox web-based Management Portal – making it easy to verify visits have taken place.

The VPS SmartLockBox can additionally be provided with Geo-Fencing technology. This innovative feature helps authorised users return the keys before leaving the property.

*The VPS SmartLockBox app can be downloaded from the iOS and Android Play Store.

Useful resources:

Download the VPS SmartLockBox Datasheet

Contact us to learn how the VPS SmartLockBox can help keep trespassers, vandals and squatters out of your property, or to get a free quote.

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