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JCB Alert Cam Brochure

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VPS Alert Cam


The JCB Alert Tower contains the VPS Alert Cam, a state of the art, armoured, video verified PIR camera system in a bright yellow casing to provide a strong on-site deterrent. On trigger the VPS Alert Cam captures a 10 second full colour video clip which is automatically transferred to the VPS Monitoring Centre for verification. The camera is
self-powered by a 2 year battery, is contained in a waterproof casing and utilises infrared illumination.

The VPS Alert Cam can also be supplied as a standalone unit for protecting small sites, assets, or locations without power or high speed data networks.

Additional peripheral options include

  • Additional VPS Alert Cams
  • Long Range External PIR Sensors
  • Point to Point Active Beams
  • External Sounders and VPS Fire Alert Detectors
  • Internal PIR/ Video Verified PIR Camera Sensors
  • Internal Smoke/Heat Sensors
  • Flood and wire-free transmitter for using other electronic devices
  • Badge Reader

Standard configuration:

  • 2 x Mobile VPS Alert Tower with transportation sledge
  • 4 x Video Verified PIR Cameras (2 per mast)
  • 1 x External Sounder
  • 1 x┬áControl Panel and 1 x Keypad

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