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Our advanced wireless alarms are entirely stand-alone with a long-life battery and on-board tamper detection


The VPS SmartAlarm® range offers all the benefits of a 24/7 monitored alarm system with no requirements for electricity or a phone line. The alarm is entirely stand-alone with a long-life battery and on-board tamper detection, and provides instant detection and alerting on a range of incidents including intruders, flooding and smoke.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly reports all detected incidents to VPS monitoring station, triggering response team call out
  • Ability to pair with camera sensors allowing full visibility of any activity on your site
  • 120 dB siren to deter intruders
  • Encased in a strong metal enclosure with a high impact dome
  • Utilises a unique Personal Identification
  • Device (PID key) so as to create a full log of users
  • Verbal instructions allow ease-of-us

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