Installing Wireless Jcb Alert Towers On A Site

Easily detect unauthorised activity on your construction sites or remote locations

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JCB Alert Tower Brochure

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JCB Alert Tower - mobile, wireless, video-verified alarm tower

JCB Alert Tower is the most flexible, wireless, video verified alarm tower in its range, designed by VPS in collaboration with JCB – global market leaders in construction equipment technology. This versatile alarm solution provides robust temporary security for construction sites, utility sites or any location where short-term monitoring or security is required. 

JCB AlertTower can be easily moved to different locations

Housed in a bright, robust, bespoke design, packed with state of the art technologies, this entry level alarm tower introduces game-changing flexibility for areas where there is no surrounding infrastructure. With a range of up to 20m in daylight and 12m at night-time, you can rest assured your site is being watched over in all conditions. 

Download the JCB Alert Tower Brochure

How does the JCB Alert Tower work?

The JCB Alert Tower contains, a state of the art, armoured, video verified PIR security camera system. This system captures a 10 second, full colour video clip upon being triggered. This video is then automatically transferred to the fully accredited VPS Monitoring Centre, manned by our security professionals 24/7 to verify whether the captured activity requires an immediate response by the keyholder, or dispatching a mobile uniformed officer to the site if confirmed as an illegal trespass.

Key benefits of the wireless VPS Alert Tower:

Installation of JCB  Alert Tower on a site
  • Rapidly deployed and easily moved to different locations
  • Provides proactive temporary site protection and monitoring 
  • When activated, captures a 10 second video which is sent to our monitoring station for verification
  • Fixed camera prevents “blind spotting” caused by accidental or deliberate movement of cameras
  • Can be connected to additional devices and peripherals to enhance on-site security
  • Perfect site security solution for small areas where there is particular need for protection or where surrounding infrastructure is not available 
  • The bright yellow colour provides a highly-visible deterrent 
  • Robust casing reduces risk of damage, downtime and replacement of damaged kit 
  • Operates solely on Lithium batteries with a 2-year life expectancy
  • Significantly cheaper site security solution than manned-guarding

Download the JCB Alert Tower Brochure

JCB Alert Tower installation

The JCB Alert Tower can be securely positioned with inbuilt stabiliser legs to prevent wind movement and tamper alerts. Wheels and adjustable handles allow easy movement of the JCB Alert towers when site requirements change. 

JCB Alert Towers can be connected into a security system>

This alarm towers can be anchored to the ground and used as a base to attach “point to point” active beams, alarm sounders or fire alert points. The JCB Alert Tower provides a mobile mounting solution for up to 4 video verified PIR cameras, with a mast height of 1.7m, extendable to 2.3m. The video verified PIR cameras can also be mounted directly onto the pole.

Integrated temporary site security with JCB solutions

Each system can be connected to up to 22 cameras in various combinations of JCB Alert Towers, or individual ruggedized VPS Alert Cam’s. Together they make up a highly visible security deterrent and provide an outstanding site security solution to protect vacant property, construction or remote sites.

Contact us on 0330 005 5300 or send an enquiry to discuss how the JCB Alert Tower can help enhance your remote site security or to get a free quote.

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Jcb Alert Tower Entreprot 1600

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