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JCB Alert Tower Brochure

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JCB Alert Tower

Mobile, Wireless, Video Verified Alarm Tower


The JCB Alert Tower from VPS is our latest innovation when it comes to easily deployable, wireless alarm technology.

 - Quick to install

 - Battery powered

 - Suitable for internal or external use

Easily transportable and installed in under an hour, the JCB Alert Tower can be installed in minutes as a stand-alone multi-unit, or seamlessly integrated with other VPS Site Security products to provide an outstanding security solution to protect vacant property, construction or remote sites.



  • Quick installation – standard configuration can be installed within 45 minutes and easily repositioned in just 10 minutes
  • On activation captures a 10 second video which is sent to our monitoring station for review/verification
  • Two portable units can fit into the back of a medium sized van for easy relocation
  • No surrounding infrastructure requirements, offering flexible security positioning
  • Fixed camera prevents “blind spotting” caused by accidental or deliberate movement of cameras
  • Low cost battery powered security for temporary use (up to 2 years)
  • Suitable for external and internal environments
  • Fixed securely to the ground with stabiliser legs to prevent wind movement and tamper alerts for added security
  • Robust casing reduces risk of damage, downtime and replacement of damaged kit
  • Deterrent effect optimised due to colour, shape and height of unit
  • Fitted with wheels and adjustable handles for ease of deployment
  • Can be used in conjunction with a number of additional devices and peripherals to enhance functionality

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