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Property Security and Services for empty buildings

Vacant property is an easy target for unauthorised visitors such as vandals and trespassers, often resulting in costly repairs and much frustration.Call VPS Property Solutions

There is also the added risk that vacant property can fall into a state of disrepair, which will in turn encourage increased and unwanted crime.  

With over 25 years in securing vacant property effectively, VPS offers a complete range of services to ensure your property is well maintained, secure and less likely to attract crime, all factors in helping to retain the value and maintain insurance compliance.

Our cost effective security deterrents range from steel security through to innovative technological solutions including wireless alarms, smart CCTV towers and remote access controlled doors.

Our process starts and ends with you. We start with a free risk assessment so we can fully advise on any risks your property/site poses. From this we will discuss a range of solutions depending on your budget, site location, appetite for risk and insurance requirements. All designed to keep your valuable asset safe and/prepare it for reoccupation or the next stage of its development.  Our services cover the complete vacant propety lifecycle:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Clean and Clear
  • Securing your site
  • Guarding your site
  • Monitoring your site
  • Inspecting your site
  • Maintiaining your site
  • Preparing your site for reoccupation / development



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