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White Papers

  • White Papers

    Dynamic Site Security: guards versus technology (Special Construction Site edition)

    Outlining the strengths and limitations of manned guarding solutions compared with technological alternatives, and summarising current best practice in the protection of construction sites.

    Dynamic Site Security

    Guards versus technology - Protecting vacant commercial property (Vacant Property edition)

    This white paper outlines the strengths and limitations of manned guarding solutions commpared with technological alternatives with particular reference to protecting construction and building sites

    Guards versus Technology

    How to tackle condensation on windows and doors

    Advice on tackling condensation in the home

    How To Tackle Condensation On Windows And Doors

    VPS cold weather plan for vacant properties

    Advice on protecting vacant property from winter weather

    Cold Weather Plan

    VPS Risk List

    Although the majority of landlords and facilities managers are aware of the recommendation to carry out inspections on their vacant properties sometimes the reasons for doing so are not as clear. VPS, the country’s leading vacant property specialists, have issued The Risk List, explaining why we recommend inspections as a minimum, and why the majority of insurers will insist upon these being carried out.

    VPS Risk List