VPS Safe Return To Work Solutions

With work­forces return­ing back to offices, shops, fac­to­ries and con­struc­tion sites, VPS are on hand to help smooth this tran­si­tion cre­at­ing a safe work­ing envi­ron­ment with mon­i­tor­ing to keep them healthy.

VPS can car­ry out hos­pi­tal grade anti-viral dis­in­fect­ing ser­vices using a treat­ment called fog­ging. This is per­fect to have com­plet­ed before your work­force return giv­ing that piece of mind for both the employ­ee and employer.

We can then install our body tem­per­a­ture and fever mea­sure­ment sys­tem which will allow employ­ees to be mon­i­tored for pos­si­ble infec­tion com­plete­ly con­tact free.

VPS Safe Return To Work Solutions

Dis­in­fec­tion and Infec­tion Con­trol Services

In response to the Coro­n­avirus (COVID-19) out­break we have been sup­port­ing clients with anti-viral dis­in­fect­ing ser­vices that are suit­able for appli­ca­tion to both prop­er­ty and vehi­cles. These clean­ing ser­vices are intend­ed to:

  • Help reduce the spread of COVID-19
  • Enable busi­ness oper­a­tions to con­tin­ue through pro­vid­ing cus­tomers with increased con­fi­dence in the safe­ty of their work­ing envi­ron­ment in these dif­fi­cult times

The hos­pi­tal grade treat­ment used is non-tox­ic and there­fore safe for a vari­ety of sur­faces includ­ing; car­pets, uphol­stery, hard floors, cup­boards, kitchen tops, chairs, desks, tables and walls.

Auto­mat­ic, Wall mount­ed, Infrared Ther­mome­ter, Tem­per­a­ture Screen­ing Tool

The auto­mat­ic, infrared ther­mome­ter is a stand alone sys­tem that allows work­ers and vis­i­tors to mea­sure their tem­per­a­ture quick­ly and accu­rate­ly. The device sounds an alarm if a fever lev­el tem­per­a­ture is detected. 

This is intend­ed as a tem­per­a­ture screen­ing tool to iden­ti­fy indi­vid­u­als with a fever lev­el tem­per­a­ture before they enter your building.

The ther­mome­ter is sup­plied with bat­ter­ies and a USB cable. We strong­ly rec­om­mend con­nect­ing the ther­mome­ter to a pow­er sup­ply and using the bat­ter­ies as a back up only. 

Compliance inspections

Covid Com­pli­ance Assess­ment and Audit

VPS can con­duct a sur­vey then advise on how to plan, lay­out and achieve safe return to work best prac­tice. This can be for office, ware­house or retail loca­tions with Tay­lor made solu­tions for each.

Week­ly fol­low up com­pli­ance inspec­tions can then be car­ried out to make sure that the safe dis­tance mea­sures are being adhered to. This is com­plete with real time, instant­ly down­load­able reports with full high def­i­n­i­tion imagery.

Pro­tec­tion for Par­tial­ly Unoc­cu­pied Properties 

If part of your busi­ness has been able to return to oper­a­tion, but some areas need to remain closed, VPS can offer secu­ri­ty solu­tions which offer robust pro­tec­tion whilst still allow­ing access to site. For exam­ple hav­ing steel screens fit­ted on the cus­tomer fac­ing areas with a steel door on the rear. Would allow access to the back office staff, whilst still keep­ing the cus­tomer fac­ing retail area secure. 

VPS Steel Door
Perspex Screens

Per­spex Screens

Per­spex screens act as a pro­tec­tive bar­ri­er to air­borne droplets, to help pre­vent the poten­tial spread of COVID-19. The screens are clear allow­ing full obser­va­tion and can be fit­ted on a per­ma­nent or tem­po­rary basis. These screens can be free stand­ing, sus­pend­ed from the ceil­ing, or con­nect­ed direct­ly to desks and work surfaces.

They are easy to clean using anti-viral disinfectant

COVID-19 Adhe­sive Graphics

These graph­ics are anti-slip, and easy to apply and remove with­out leav­ing any residue. They can be applied to a vari­ety of sur­faces includ­ing, floors, win­dows, doors and walls. As a floor graph­ic they can be used to pro­mote social dis­tanc­ing and are a way of clear­ly mark­ing safe routes and man­ag­ing the direc­tion of trav­el, for cus­tomers and employ­ees in the workplace. 

They can be cleaned with warm water.

Covid Graphics

Smart Lock­box

Installing a blue­tooth enabled Smart Lock­box on your site gives flex­i­bil­i­ty of who has access, with­out the need to phys­i­cal­ly hand over any keys, reduc­ing chance of trans­mis­sion

Sched­ule access for a cer­tain times or dates in which peo­ple can open the lock­box with a ful­ly dig­i­tal down­load­able audit trail. Alter­na­tive­ly pro­vide third par­ties with a gen­er­at­ed, one-off, sin­gle use code.

With its 3 year bat­tery life and smart­phone app con­trol, it means access will be avail­able to your prop­er­ty no mat­ter the time or day.

We hope all our cus­tomers will stay healthy, both in body and in busi­ness. VPS will strive to meet all requests for ser­vices as quick­ly as we can.

To dis­cuss any require­ments you may have please con­tact us using the form below and we will be hap­py to assist.