T-Trak2.0 - VPS Trespasser Tracking Advanced Knowledge

Trespassers site Luton

VPS has just released their lat­est ver­sion of its ground-break­ing ini­tia­tive to help sites pre­pare and be secured before tres­passers set up ille­gal encampments.

Accord­ing to the lat­est gov­ern­ment sta­tis­tics[1], the num­ber of trav­ellers’ car­a­vans In Eng­land has almost tripled from 8,000 to 23,000 between 1979 and 2020. When sev­er­al car­a­vans set­tle in unau­tho­rised encamp­ments, it can be a cost­ly exer­cise to move them on and clean-up after they have depart­ed — costs that are esti­mat­ed to reach over £100m annu­al­ly for coun­cils and pri­vate landown­ers combined.

The VPS Tres­pass­er Track­ing Advanced Knowl­edge (T‑Trak) ini­tia­tive helps landown­ers and prop­er­ty man­agers to avoid the expense of tem­po­rary encamp­ments, squat­ters, or ille­gal gath­er­ings such as ille­gal raves.

Data for all attempt­ed secu­ri­ty breach­es on the 30,000 UK premis­es that VPS looks after, is analysed, com­bined with addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion sources, and then col­lat­ed. The results pro­vide advanced intel as and when the encamp­ments move on, enabling VPS to map the next like­ly hotspots’, and to warn their cus­tomers of poten­tial unau­tho­rised encamp­ments and tres­passers aris­ing in their region.

Release of T‑Trak2.0 has cre­at­ed an even more pow­er­ful, tar­get­ed ver­sion that pro­vides cus­tomers with a site-spe­cif­ic Urgent Intel­li­gence Report iden­ti­fy­ing a risk analy­sis for their venue. Deep­er data min­ing, togeth­er with addi­tion­al VPS resources includ­ing evic­tion and bailiff ser­vices, manned guard­ing, prop­er­ty inspec­tors, and alarm respons­es, pro­vides real time report­ing of inci­dents and loca­tions of unau­tho­rised activ­i­ty across the UK and Ireland.

VPS review all prop­er­ties man­aged with­in the imme­di­ate area of con­cern, and then checks the prop­er­ties near­by, and pro­vides a three-tiered pro­file to deter­mine the lev­el of risk of intru­sion. It doc­u­ments the loca­tion of the threat, the trav­el time to VPS cus­tomers’ prop­er­ties, the lev­el of risk, and whether spe­cif­ic cir­cum­stances apply such as large open spaces, cop­per on site, fly-tip­ping oppor­tu­ni­ties or recent­ly refur­bished build­ing and materials.

In a recent exam­ple, an encamp­ment was dis­cov­ered in Basil­don, Essex, min­utes away from a vacant ware­house and carpark facil­i­ty man­aged by a mul­ti-nation­al real estate com­pa­ny. A T‑Trak2.0 report was com­piled, and the cus­tomer approved the rec­om­men­da­tion for a canine-han­dling unit – the guard and dog arrived with­in two hours. With­in two days, they had pre­vent­ed intrud­ers from enter­ing the site.

The most effec­tive imme­di­ate response to an immi­nent risk is the short-term deploy­ment of a dog-han­dling unit. Addi­tion­al secu­ri­ty, such as perime­ter fenc­ing, con­crete bar­ri­ers, alarm sys­tems and CCTV can always be added or replace the guards later.” 

Jose Rosa, Head of Guard­ing, VPS

Typ­i­cal areas tar­get­ed by unau­tho­rised encamp­ments are large open spaces such as carparks, next to emp­ty ware­hous­es where cop­per cabling or water tanks might be present. The car parks are some­times turned into ille­gal fly­tip­ping cen­tres and run as a com­mer­cial enterprise.

Advanced warn­ings mean short-term enhanced secu­ri­ty mea­sures can pro­tect clients’ prop­er­ties at times of increased vulnerability. 


Addi­tion­al data: Gov­ern­ment research cit­ed one exam­ple where 200 unau­tho­rised set­tle­ments set­tled in just one bor­ough over 3 years. In the most recent offi­cial data pub­lished , some areas such as North War­wick­shire went from zero unau­tho­rised encamp­ments record­ed in the six months up to Jan­u­ary 2019, to 78 the fol­low­ing year, Basil­don in Essex expe­ri­enced an 80% rise, and West Lan­cashire a 25% rise.

[1] Live Table 4, https://​assets​.pub​lish​ing​.ser​vice​.gov​.uk/​g​o​v​e​r​n​m​e​n​t​/​u​p​l​o​a​d​s​/​s​y​s​t​e​m​/​u​p​l​o​a​d​s​/​a​t​t​a​c​h​m​e​n​t​_​d​a​t​a​/​f​i​l​e​/​891230​/​T​r​a​v​e​l​l​e​r​_​c​a​r​a​v​a​n​_​c​o​u​n​t​_​l​i​v​e​_​t​a​b​l​e​s​_​J​a​n​_​c​o​u​n​t​.xlsx

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