The VPS Group continues fight against climate change

VPS Smart Towers ready for deployment

The VPS Group con­tin­ues fight against cli­mate change expand­ing its range of sus­tain­able low-car­bon CCTV secu­ri­ty options.

Once the vac­ci­na­tion pro­gramme starts to help over­come the pan­dem­ic, com­bat­ting cli­mate cat­a­stro­phe and its irre­versible changes to the earth­’s cli­mate sys­tems will remain the great­est glob­al priority.

VPS has been devel­op­ing and pilot­ing more diverse options to pow­er their CCTV Smart Tow­er range, used wide­ly in the hos­pi­tal­i­ty, retail and high­ways sec­tors where inde­pen­dent­ly pow­ered secu­ri­ty cam­eras are most need­ed. They deploy UK and Europe’s largest stock of CCTV Smart Tow­ers with thou­sands of cam­eras in operation.

Last sum­mer VPS ran a suc­cess­ful pilot scheme to sup­port a high­way safe­ty mon­i­tor­ing project using Smart Tow­ers with ultra-low wattage solar pan­els in a hybrid solu­tion, util­is­ing methanol and hydro­gen fuel cell bat­ter­ies in com­bi­na­tion. The CCTV pro­vid­ed ful­ly autonomous 247 secu­ri­ty and mon­i­tor­ing solu­tions requir­ing no exter­nal pow­er sources.

We see address­ing cli­mate change as a key growth dri­ver, as our cus­tomers want a sus­tain­able ser­vice includ­ed in their secu­ri­ty or safe­ty pro­vi­sion.” Explains Ewen Tyson, Head of VPS Site Secu­ri­ty Oper­a­tions. So, as well as the low-car­bon, sus­tain­able options of hydro­gen and methanol ener­gy fuel cells, we’re extend­ing the options hav­ing suc­cess­ful­ly tri­alled the use of solar pan­els. Our aim is to dri­ve down the Tow­er pow­er use.’

The com­mon­ly used sus­tain­able option of hydro­gen fuel cells emit just water and enable Smart Tow­ers to oper­ate with­out an exter­nal pow­er supply.

Because VPS oper­ates across Europe, it has kept up-to-date with the dif­fer­ences in oth­er coun­tries’ approach to select­ing green­er ener­gy options. Ger­many, for exam­ple, focus­es on ammo­nia and methanol to deliv­er hydro­gen as a clean-burn­ing fuel for indus­tries. The UK gov­ern­ment sees hydro­gen as cen­tral to get­ting to a net zero car­bon world by 2050, to the extent that devel­op­ment of Europe’s first two hydro­gen pro­duc­tion plants is set to be sub­sidised by the gov­ern­ment as part of a £90m fund­ing dri­ve to accel­er­ate the coun­try’s tran­si­tion to low-car­bon energy.

We’re expand­ing our devel­op­ment of sus­tain­able secu­ri­ty and CCTV mon­i­tor­ing not just to meet the demand and there­fore tak­ing up the busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ty, but also because repair­ing the earth­’s envi­ron­ment has height­ened focus on sus­tain­able mea­sures.” con­clud­ed Ewen.