Smart Traffic System shortlisted for Safety Solution of the Year

Traffic management incursion system

An inno­v­a­tive sys­tem that aims to pro­tect road­work­ers, one of the riski­est occu­pa­tions in the UK, has been short­list­ed by the British Safe­ty Indus­try Fed­er­a­tion (BSIF) for its Safe­ty Solu­tions Award. 

Over 6,500 record­ed inci­dents of traf­fic incur­sions (vehi­cles enter­ing road­works) occurred on UK roads dur­ing the last three years, a rate of 175 per month, cre­at­ing a high risk of injury and endan­ger­ing the lives of thou­sands of road­work­ers employed on high­way con­struc­tion projects. Last year, the Health and Safe­ty Exec­u­tive (HSE) record­ed 20 work­ers died from being struck by a mov­ing vehicle. 

VPS UK High­way Solu­tions have devel­oped an inte­grat­ed Traf­fic Incur­sions solu­tion to warn con­struc­tion work­ers of an approach­ing vehi­cle that has dri­ven through into a coned-off area. It com­bines smart tech­nolo­gies, com­pris­ing bi-spec­trum cam­eras and detec­tion soft­ware ana­lyt­ics, with the facil­i­ty to include med­ical alerts into a sounder, with text and email alerts sent with images to site staff.

Sounders, strobe light­ing and alert sys­tems will imme­di­ate­ly be trig­gered when an inci­dent or incur­sion occurs. CCTV is mount­ed on VPS Smart Tow­ers to cap­ture and record the inci­dent in high def­i­n­i­tion and real-time. Hand­held remote-con­trol fobs are fit­ted with a but­ton to dis­arm the sys­tem tem­porar­i­ly if a known works vehi­cle is enter­ing the site. There is also a pan­ic but­ton to alarm the work­force of an incident.

Work­ing along­side high-speed traf­fic, con­struc­tion work­ers on our high­ways are one of the high­est risk occu­pa­tions in the UK.” Says Andy Leigh, Head of Tech­nol­o­gy Sales, High­ways, at VPS. Road­work­ers do not expect dri­vers to enter their work sites, so it is para­mount they can work effec­tive­ly, effi­cient­ly and safe­ly. We are very proud that this safe­ty solu­tion sys­tem has been recog­nised by the BSIF and short­list­ed for an impor­tant Safe­ty Award.”

A full year after the orig­i­nal intend­ed date due to the pan­dem­ic, the BSIF will recog­nise some of the fan­tas­tic work that occurs with­in the safe­ty indus­try, a com­mit­ment that was made to hon­our all the many entrants to the 2020 awards. The win­ners will be announced at the end of April at a dig­i­tal online event.