The impact of noise on our health

Noise can cause annoy­ance and fatigue, inter­fere with com­mu­ni­ca­tion and sleep, reduce effi­cien­cy and dam­age hear­ing. Noise Action Week runs 20th-25th May and aims to raise aware­ness of the cost of noise to the health and well-being of com­mu­ni­ties and individuals.

Evan­der, one of the UK’s glaz­ing and noise insu­la­tion providers, are spon­sors of the Noise Abate­ment Soci­ety and offer prac­ti­cal assis­tance to home own­ers who expe­ri­ence the high­est lev­els of noise.

The World Health Organ­i­sa­tion rec­om­mends a guide­line lev­el of 30 dB LAeq* for undis­turbed sleep, and a day­time lev­el for out­door sound lev­els of 50dB.

Evan­der have been pro­vid­ing Noise Insu­la­tion for two years, help­ing to improve the health and well-being to 800 homes and the lives of almost 2000 peo­ple. Their noise reduc­tion ser­vices include acoustic read­ings, frame replace­ments and sec­ondary glaz­ing and acoustic vents.

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*LAeq is the A‑weighted equiv­a­lent con­tin­u­ous sound lev­el in deci­bels mea­sured over a stat­ed peri­od of time. Most com­mu­ni­ty and indus­tri­al noise mea­sure­ments are A‑weighted so the LAeq descrip­tor is wide­ly used.


Evan­der is the UK’s lead­ing provider of respon­sive, pre-planned and emer­gency home ser­vices. They work close­ly with the major insur­ance com­pa­nies as well as direct with com­mer­cial prop­er­ties and home­own­ers to pro­vide award-win­ning expert glaz­ing, doors, locks and smart home secu­ri­ty services.

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